Congratulations to our client Swoop

Huge congratulations to our friends and client, Swoop, on their grant award from the Capability and Innovation Fund.

Swoop was created to help businesses successfully answer the question, “Where do I get access to funding?” And now, with recognition through the Banking Competition Remedies Fund, formed as a condition of RBS’s public bailout in 2008, they will continue to ensure small businesses access the right funding at the right time. As part of their commitments Swoop has declared that they will supplement the CIF award, develop their lending marketplace, improve their comparison features and enhance the business current account opening process.

Validis began working with Swoop in 2019 when it became clear they needed more than a passthrough connection to their client’s accounting data. Swoop replaced their incumbent supplier with DataShare to ensure they could digitally receive real-time access to their client’s financials, structured in a format that made it truly fit-for-purpose.

We wish Swoop all the best as we continue to support them on their exciting journey.