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    A faster, better-quality audit

    Save 8 hours per audit, improve customer experience, and boost audit quality with real-time access to customers’ accounting systems.

    The issue

    What is wrong with manually collecting and preparing audit financial data?

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      Auditors waste over 8 hours per audit collecting, cleaning and standardizing data.

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      Talent retention

      Junior auditors are leaving the profession because of work-life balance and amount of time spent on non-value adding work.

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      Audit quality

      Hours are wasted going back and forth between client and auditor in confirming the data. Imagine if that effort and time could be focused on improving the audit quality.

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      Data integrity

      Manual collection and standardization of data can lead to data errors.

    The solution

    Say goodbye to boring data collection. Validis saves you time by connecting to your customers’ accounting packages.


    Time saved per audit


    Fully standardized chart of accounts


    Proprietary book-keeping quality score


    Automated audit reports


    Full AR/AP subledgers and full GL transaction details


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    Trusted by industry leaders to get financial data

      • http://Image%20of%20Jim%20Bourke%20from%20Withum

        "Absolutely amazing concept and technology... Validis will totally change the way you do auditing forever."

        Jim Bourke, WithumLearn More
      • http://Image%20of%20Liam%20Te-Wierik%20from%20Grant%20Thornton%20Australia

        “We have 100% of the clients' data so we can move away from sampling, which was always an industry bugbear.”

        Liam Te-Wierik, Grant Thornton
      • http://Image%20of%20Satpal%20Nagpal%20from%20GHJ

        “The benefits of being able to get a lot of the information directly from the clients’ general ledger system has been huge for both the auditor and the client.”

        Satpal Nagpal, GHJ
      • "We’re more relevant to our clients and we can actually be helpful in decision making instead of just doing the compliance work."

        Matt Sutorius​, Clark Nuber

      How it works

      Connect Clients receive a white-labelled email link that grants Validis access to their accounting package. The typical customer journey is complete in under a minute.

      Standardize In minutes, all transaction level data is standardized, including full AR and AP subledgers. The data is accessible through a single API or the Validis dashboard.

      Deploy Ability to automatically create 20+ standardized accounting reports so you can get straight onto the job.

      Connect to over 25 major accounting platforms
      Keeping your data safe

      Our information security program is designed to meet or exceed industry standards. We are ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 compliant.

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