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Transforming the 21st Century Audit

The world has moved on. Digital interactions are the norm and accountants are quickly understanding how to leverage accounting technology and data to improve audit quality especially as many tasks must not be carried out remotely.

Our audit technology seamlessly extracts and standardizes your client’s accounting data, while fully automating  the verification of 100% P&L transactions against 3rd party evidence. Our services greatly reduce the need to sample data during an audit, tick off 60% of your PBC list automatically and help you identify material fraud.

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"Verification Workpapers offers the single largest opportunity
to increase audit quality in decades."

Audit Partner at a Big4 firm

Why use DataShare for Audit?

How we support the audit engagement

With one click your clients will receive an email from you that allows them to give you permission to upload their accounting data directly into DataShare. In a matter of minutes all transaction level data will be standardized, including full A/R and A/P subledgers (unique to the industry) and visualised in our hosted dashboard.

Instantly, your audit team can analyze and interpret your client’s financial data through pre-prepared workpapers and will benefit from a 60% reduction in PBC tasks.

With DataShare, you can upload data multiple times during the year and get a real-time view of your client’s latest financial situation, making a tangible and lasting difference to the quality of your engagements.

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AI driven data verification

Verification Workpapers from Validis fully automates verification of P&L transactions against 3rd party bank data – vastly reducing the need to sample and identifying key areas to focus analysis.

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Data Standardization
Seamless data standardization

Only Validis’ proprietary technology generates a fully standardised chart of accounts from your client’s accounting data – enabling you to automate audit tasks, removing 60% of the manual effort required to complete a PBC list.

Advanced digital data extraction

Unparalleled offline and online accounting package connectivity ensures you can rapidly access and interpret your client’s financials at all stages of an audit.

DataShare Audit

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