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    Validis partners with Decipher Credit: A Winning Combination

    Validis partners with Decipher Credit: A Winning Combination

    Michael Turner

    Michael Turner

    Validis partners with Decipher Credit: A Winning Combination

    Validis partners with Decipher Credit to streamline SME loan approvals with real-time data. 

    We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Decipher Credit, a leading loan origination and underwriting platform for financial institutions and private lenders. 

    This collaboration will make it easier for commercial lenders to access real-time financial data from borrowers – ultimately streamlining the loan approval process for SMEs. 

    We share many commonalities with Decipher Credit, including building an ecosystem of strong technology providers that are experts in their specialties so that together we can deliver more powerful solutions for lenders. 

    Decipher Credit chose to work with Validis is because of the breadth of accounting packages we connect to, and our ability to collect and standardize complex financial information with the depth that lenders require.

    Through the Decipher Credit platform, lenders can now get instant access to a borrower’s accounting data, including: 

    • Balance sheet 
    • Profit and loss (P&L) statements 
    • Accounts receivable 
    • Accounts payable 
    • Inventory data 

    This eliminates the need for manual data collection, which can be slow and error prone. With Validis data plugged into the Decipher Credit platform, lenders can get a complete financial picture of an SME in seconds, allowing them to make faster and more informed lending decisions. 

    “Obtaining real-time financial information, including balance sheet, and profit and loss (P&L), accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory data is a common challenge for commercial lenders, who require accurate and up-to-date information to make effective credit decisions and are frequently stuck asking for information manually, which is often unreliable and slow. We are excited to give lenders a better financial picture of their clients in seconds at the point of application to improve the client experience, increase the speed of approval, and to help SME’s get faster access to capital”

    – Raul Velarde (CEO of Decipher Credit).

    Validis and Decipher Credit: A winning combination

    “Lenders today want more automation and efficiency. Our partnership with Decipher Credit gives commercial lenders the ability to get instant access to complex financial data analysis to make faster lending decisions”

    – Michael Turner (CEO of Validis).

    Validis is committed to providing innovative solutions that help lenders make better lending decisions. Our partnership with Decipher Credit is a perfect example of how we are working to improve the loan approval process for SMEs.

    If you are a commercial lender interested in learning more about how Validis can help you improve your loan approval process, contact us today.

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