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    Validis partners with fintech Lenvi with on-demand accounting data
    Press Release

    Validis partners with fintech Lenvi with on-demand accounting data

    Lenvi Riskfactor (formerly Equiniti Riskfactor), a financial services platform that specialises in risk management solutions for factoring and asset-based lending (ABL) lenders, has joined forces with Validis, the pioneering on-demand financial data provider. The result is a game-changing product integration for the commercial lending market.

    On-demand financial data from Validis is now available through Lenvi’s industry-leading Riskfactor solution, enabling financial institutions to manage the risks associated with business lending far more effectively. The integration means that users no longer face the laborious task of requesting financial data from their business customers. The breakthrough also means that clients can benefit from time savings of up to 50%. Cases will be automatically flagged for investigation, allowing relationship and risk managers to prioritise and support growth by onboarding more customers and identifying accounts eligible for increased lending facilities.

    The data, received direct from a prospect’s accounting package, provides an accurate snapshot of the business, and the ability to delve into historical reports. This fast-paced delivery, paired with granular insights, elevates the platform’s financial analysis capabilities, particularly in the receivables finance market. The result is the ability to make faster and better lending decisions, benefiting both the lender and their prospects.

    “Our clients deal with high-stakes lending decisions and high-value portfolios that demand timeliness and accuracy.” said Richard Carter, Chief Executive at Lenvi.

    “The data that they have access to is paramount and, by using Validis technology, our clients benefit from completeness of financial data, providing our software with an additional depth of insight to support the underlying metrics and algorithms that our clients rely on to monitor and respond to risk and changing behaviour across their entire portfolio.”

    “The impact of this data integration elevates our platform’s insight and efficiency and is delivering fantastic results for our clients,” adds Richard.

    “Andrew Sanaghan, COO & Head of Financial Services at Validis, adds: “We are thrilled to fortify and formalise our partnership with one of the leading platforms in the industry. Lenvi shares our digital-first ethos and, by intertwining our technologies, we are shaping a world-leading platform, especially in the receivables finance space. We exist within the same technology ecosystem, and our collaborative efforts produce an unparalleled service, user experience, and peace of mind for lenders across the board.”

    Lenvi and Validis are setting new standards, leaving traditional practices in their wake. This integration is a testament to a shared commitment to innovation, marking a new era for financial services that recognises the need for technology businesses to work together to deliver joined-up solutions.


    About Validis

    Validis is a global technology provider, trusted by some of the largest financial institutions to enable digital access to its business customers’ financial data. Our unrivalled data quality and simple customer journey is powering the future of data-driven propositions and driving the new age of business finance.

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    About Lenvi

    Lenvi is a fintech specialising in B2B consumer and commercial lending software and solutions. The business combines global expertise, market insight and end-to-end services to provide loan management software, risk management software, mortgage and loan servicing, standby servicing, and Know Your Customer (KYC). Built on decades of real-world experience at the cutting edge of finance, we’re here to help you build a better future.

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