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    Suralink harnesses Validis to power data-driven engagements

    Suralink, the leading client interaction platform for professional services firms, has partnered with Validis to enhance the platform’s data ingestion capabilities for tax, audit, and advisory engagements.
    Validis, the go-to accounting data API, will seamlessly connect to the Suralink platform, creating access to fully standardized accounting data from businesses’ accounting packages.


    This partnership marks a significant change in how efficiently firms using Suralink can complete their work. With accounting data embedded into the user’s workflow, auditors and other accountants can focus on delivering accurate and timely results, instead of manually gathering and inputting data.

    In addition, because live data is populated from clients’ accounting packages, firms get a current view of their client without relying solely on annual statements. Auto-population of data will also eradicate errors that occur from manual data entry.

    While Suralink users already see efficiency gains of over 30%, Suralink and Validis are confident this partnership will increase that efficiency even further. With Validis, financial items on PBC request lists can be auto-populated, saving over a quarter of the auditor’s time in the process.

    “The profession has historically suffered from a ‘same as last year’ mentality, leading to fatigued professionals using out-of-date tools,” said Jeff Gramlich, Managing Director & Head of Accounting at Validis.

    “A big part of our mission is to challenge the status quo. It’s clear from the work that Suralink is doing that they share this vision. Joining forces means we can achieve more to bring about digital transformation in the space and help firms deliver data-driven audits. With this integration, the user will be able to track requests for financial data within the Suralink product at a detailed level, reducing professional time and multiple requests to the client,” said Gramlich.

    “One of our driving goals is to increase efficiency in the ways firms work. This seamless integration with Validis improves the experience of those who work at the firm and improves outcome and experience for the client as well,” said Miguel Perez, VP of Product at Suralink.

    “This integration will help create a frictionless client journey from the offset. Auditors and other accounting professionals have a head start too; with much less manual data gathering to do, they can focus on the task at hand—providing an accurate, timely, quality result for their clients.”

    The partnership further demonstrates both Suralink’s and Validis’s open ecosystem vision of joining best-in-class technologies that work together to serve a common purpose, against a backdrop of an industry in need of digital transformation.

    “Building and implementing technology together is a big part of addressing the needs of the industry and ultimately making auditors’ lives better,” Gramlich said. “I’m excited to witness how this partnership will help shape the future.”


    The Suralink and Validis integration will be available in 2024.

    About Validis

    Validis are a group of passionate data people on a mission to connect with customers – we get financial data. We work with auditors to help them connect to their customers’ accounting packages. With Validis auditors work smarter, saving over 8 hours per audit and benefiting from full AR/AP subledgers and full GL transaction details.

    Our customers unlock big efficiencies, save money, and get accurate insight from live, fully standardized, granular data. This powers faster and cheaper processes.



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    About Suralink

    Suralink provides professional services firms with a single, secure platform to collaborate with clients, exchange documents at scale, and track the progress of engagements. With enterprise-grade security and an easy-to-use interface, Suralink’s award-winning client interaction portal helps firms increase efficiency and improve their relationships with their clients.

    Suralink’s open platform is used by over 500,000 businesses worldwide.


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