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    Build for the future of business data

    An API designed around simplicity and scale, letting you concentrate on delivering for your customers.

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    Rapidly and securely connect to small business clients

    Data is power. Every major accounting platform connects with Validis via a single API, providing live data at your fingertips.

    With a single API integration, automatically extract, standardize and structure financial data from every major accounting package.

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    The Power of Validis API

    Instantly access and interpret up-to-date financials for your business customers

    60 million financial transactions processed

    $3 billion dollars in loans facilitated

    >15 million successful API calls

    Access pre-built reports which include:

    Affordability analysis during onboarding in lending

    Quick access to automatically calculated essential ratios such as Quick Ratio, Debt to Equity, Days Sales Outstanding, Z-Altman score and CFADS. The ability to compare financial periods across key financial statements including income, balance and cash flow.

    Identifying cross-sell opportunities

    With all the granular data available via bulk data downloads, obtain visibility of other financial facilities held by your business customers, and offer them competitive products.

    Debtor analysis

    Our aged receivables report presents all activities against an invoice including payment allocations and discounts. Giving insight into the business's relationship with its debtors, both domestic and international.

    Revenue verification

    Our journal reports are transactional level and provided in the same format irrespective of package, facilitating revenue verification of the client’s small business portfolio.

    Trusted by industry leaders to get financial data

      • http://Image%20of%20Nick%20Parrett%20of%20ABN%20Amro

        "Validis is the industry standard for business financial data – we’re proud that > 90% of our customers use Validis."

        Nick Parrett, ABN Amro
      • http://Image%20of%20Jim%20Bourke%20from%20Withum

        "Absolutely amazing concept and technology... Validis will totally change the way you do auditing forever."

        Jim Bourke, WithumLearn More
      • “Feedback has been very positive from our relationship team and clients and, most importantly, the data we are presented with can be trusted.”

        John Oliver, BarclaysLearn More
      • http://Image%20of%20Liam%20Te-Wierik%20from%20Grant%20Thornton%20Australia

        “We have 100% of the clients' data so we can move away from sampling, which was always an industry bugbear.”

        Liam Te-Wierik, Grant Thornton
      • "The Validis solution supports our digital agenda and increases the service we can provide to our customers with rapid decisioning and deeper insights."

        Jonathan Holman, Santander
      • http://Image%20of%20Satpal%20Nagpal%20from%20GHJ

        “The benefits of being able to get a lot of the information directly from the clients’ general ledger system has been huge for both the auditor and the client.”

        Satpal Nagpal, GHJ
      • "We’re more relevant to our clients and we can actually be helpful in decision making instead of just doing the compliance work."

        Matt Sutorius​, Clark Nuber
      Keeping your data safe

      Our information security program is designed to meet or exceed industry standards. We are ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 compliant.

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