Discover the true power of accounting data.
All via a single API.

Structure and interpret your clients' financial data

Rapidly and securely connect to small business clients.

Data is power. Every major accounting platform connects with Validis via a single API, providing live data at your fingertips.

But quantity of data is overwhelming. So Validis  automatically structures it into a full chart of accounts regardless of accounting package source, powering faster financial decision-making.

Regardless of where the data comes from, it’s all standardized through the Validis API.

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The DataShare API allows our clients to access standardised transaction level data. Our unique standardisation algorithm allows us to re-build this transactional level data to the UK GAAP’s chart of accounts.

The DataShare API’s data accuracy and completeness has been validated by all of the Big 4 Audit Firms, and many major Banks within the UK and US. The standard and quality of this data is trusted to support regulatory activities, revenue verification, and allowed one of our clients, a Tier 1 lender to improve their prediction to the default model by 26 Gini points.

The Power of Validis API

Instantly access and interpret up-to-date financials for your business customers

Our DataShare API allows clients to access a range of pre-built reports which support a number of use-cases from Audit to Lending which include, but not limited to:

Affordability analysis during onboarding in 

Quick access to automatically calculated essential ratios such as Quick Ratio, Debt to Equity. Days Sales Outstanding, Z-Altman score, and CFADS. The ability to compare financial periods across key financial statements including income, balance, and cash flow.

Revenue verification

Our journal reports are transactional level and provided in the same format irrespective of package. Facilitating revenue verification of the client’s Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) portfolio.

Debtor analysis

Our aged receivables report presents all activities against an invoice including payment allocations, and discounts.  Giving insight into the SME’s relationship with their debtors, both domestic and international.

Identifying cross-sell opportunities

With all the granular data available via bulk data downloads, obtain visibility of other financial facilities held by your SMEs, and offer them competition products.

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Our partnership with Validis illustrates the impact of Baker Hill NextGen® and the need for powerful technology for both loan origination (from online loan applications to complete lending process management) and portfolio risk management, making it possible for financial institutions to aggressively compete while driving profitability. This relationship is an exciting venture for us and we look forward to the value it will provide the entire industry.

– – John M. Deignan, President and CEO of Baker Hill


The partnership formed with nCino allows lenders to auto-populate financial spreads. It is based on their chart of accounts using our DataShare API.  We provide our detailed information through our DataShare Salesforce platform application.  This creates a unified workflow for all lending activities such as onboarding, affordability and trend analysis, and annual account reviews.


AccountScore approached to collaborate and bridge the gap between OpenBanking and OpenAccounting.  The OpenBanking partnership we created with AccountScore gives SMEs the ability to upload banking data and management accounts information in one simple workflow, streamlining the customer journey.  The valuable information provided by our DataShare API powers a number of AccountScore’s dashboards that assist with affordability and trend analysis.


The partnership formed with Valid8 allows auditors to conduct revenue verification. It is using detailed transactional information from the DataShare API’s standardised reports.  This creates a single automated workflow for Auditors to verify and trace transactions from accounting packages to bank statements.  This 100% sampling significantly reduces the possibility of not detecting fraudulent transactions during an Audit and gives the auditor confidence on advice they provide during the audit period.

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