Loan Origination

Radically reduce the time it takes to process a loan

Rapidly extract standardized client financials to revolutionize your lending process.

Deeper insights, smarter decisions, and a great client experience. This is all available (and more) when you utilize Validis DataShare within your loan origination process.

Digitally gathering clients financial data simplifies the process and cuts weeks of loan processing. Underwriting and analyst teams receive clean, consistent, formatted data regardless of the accounting system it came from. Leveraging Validis API’s or pre-built integrations to market leading loan origination and spreading tools systems such as Baker Hill, nCino or ablsoft to name a few, further reduces manual processes. Validis moves the lender and borrower to a digital journey, enabling automation in spreading and allowing analysts to focus on analysis.

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Why use DataShare for Loan Origination?

Radically reduce the time it takes to process a loan

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