Loan Origination

Access your customers’ financial data digitally to radically
simplify the loan application experience and significantly
reduce the time to provide your customer with a lending decision

Rapidly extract customers financials to revolutionize the lending journey, reduce operational cost and reduce time-to-decision.

Validis DataShare  provides you with a standardized view of your customers financial information, providing you with deeper insights, ability to make smarter risk based decisions and an experience you can be proud of. 

Your customers can seamlessly provide you with ‘real-time’ financial information. This removes the timely task of gathering all relevant data to support their loan application

Your Relationship Managers and Risks teams will be provided with your customers information in a standardised format, no matter the customer type or size, within minutes of connecting to Validis.  

We support the origination journey for all products, from merchant on-boarding, solving short-term working capital needs via invoice finance to credit cards and longer term lending, Validis Datashare plays a key part in your digital transformation as you look to use data to deliver an enhanced customer experience while making smarter risk decisions; our product delivers significant value to underwriters, relationship managers and credit risk teams as well as your customers.

Digitally gathering clients financial data simplifies the process and cuts weeks off the loan application. Underwriting and analyst teams receive clean, consistent, formatted data regardless of the accounting system it came from. Validis gives the lender and borrower a unique digital experience, enabling automation in spreading. It also allowes analysts to focus on analysis and value driven insights.

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Why use DataShare for Loan Origination?

Radically reduce the time it takes to process a loan

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