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    Lending platforms are setting the standard for credit risk intelligence and operational efficiency – by being data-driven
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    Lending platforms are setting the standard for credit risk intelligence and operational efficiency – by being data-driven

    James Hillier

    James Hillier

    Leveraging technology to harness the full potential of data has never been more critical and there’s no question that it’s reshaping traditional practices. Sophisticated data analytics and artificial intelligence are enhancing the way financial institutions operate, enabling them to make more informed decisions, reduce risk and enhance operational efficiency. However, the challenge of accessing and standardizing financial data remains a significant point of friction.

    Partnerships like Wiserfunding and Validis are addressing this. Automated SME financial data from the Validis API integrates into the Wiserfunding platform, allowing users to follow an intelligent data-driven approach, negating the manual and time consuming “request, gather, process, repeat” pattern.

    This collaboration illustrates why a data-driven strategy is indispensable for modern lenders and portfolio managers. Lenders can adopt a more analytical and evidence-based approach to their decision-making.


      Investing in being Data-Driven

    Traditionally, financial institutions relied heavily on manual processes and intuition-based decision-making, which, while valuable, are inherently limited in scope and scalability. In contrast, technology offers a data-driven approach with a comprehensive, real-time understanding of financial health, market trends and risk factors.

    The industry’s investment in technology is on an upward trajectory, however, with a significant portion of budgets allocated to data analytics and management solutions. A survey revealed that over 75% of financial institutions have increased their tech spend, with a substantial focus on data analytics and AI. Moreover, it’s estimated that over 60% of portfolios are now monitored using some form of technology, highlighting the growing reliance on data-driven insights for portfolio management.

    The shift towards a data-driven approach is not merely a trend; it’s a fundamental transformation that promises to elevate the financial industry to new heights of performance and innovation.


      Joining technology up

    Partnerships like Validis and Wiserfunding combine these two pieces of technology into one, east to implement workflow. Lenders have an experience enriched by standardized financial data without having to jump between interfaces.

    With that said it’s not just about efficiency. Partnerships can redefine how financial institutions engage with technology. No longer should lenders get bogged down with multiple, disparate vendors, but be connected into a collaborative technology ecosystem.

    Wiserfunding & Validis… what’s it all about?

    Technology can unlock the true potential of financial data. By facilitating access to standardized, real-time financial information, it enables lenders and portfolio managers to:

    • Enhance risk assessment accuracy, thereby reducing defaults and improving portfolio health.
    • Streamline operational processes, resulting in significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.
    • Identify growth opportunities by analysing trends and financial health across sectors and markets.
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