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    GHJ boosts productivity by 40% with automated data extraction

    Access to standardized accounting data in minutes, rather than days or weeks, GHJ were able to transform their audit process. Their partnership with Validis has allowed them to be more competitive in the battle for talent and client retention.


    reduction in PBC request list


    consistent data across clients


    saved per engagement

    "We've not only gained over 40% in productivity, but Validis have helped us create more rewarding roles for our auditors and a superior client experience. Our teams now spend less time chasing data and more time analyzing it to deliver valuable insights.”


    The Goal

    Implement technology solutions that will not only improve audit quality through increased efficiencies but also create additional capacity for the team to focus more on valuable advisory work.

    The Idea

    Leverage Validis’ powerful technology to streamline data extraction directly from clients' general ledger systems, eliminating manual intervention and repetitive requests.

    The impact we made

    Clients love the seamless ability to share their accounting data in just a few clicks

    GHJ, a forward-thinking accounting firm and recognized HLB member, has been partnering with Validis for over 3 years. Initially, GHJ aimed to save around 8 hours per engagement by automating data extraction, benefiting both auditors and clients. However, the impact of Validis exceeded their expectations.

    “Validis’ standardization capabilities are leaps ahead. The data from Validis is 100% consistent across all of our clients.”

    As their partnership with Validis evolved, GHJ expanded its use to their M&A practice, enabling efficient “data store or deal book” creation. Tasks that previously took days or weeks now require mere hours, with absolute data accuracy.

    “When our clients are telling us they are saving several hours per audit simply by uploading the data and thus avoiding multiple requests for the same data, the client wins and we win.”

    With Validis, GHJ auditors no longer spend countless hours manually inputting and collecting data. Instead, they can focus on analyzing the audit-ready data and delivering valuable insights to clients. This shift has created more rewarding roles, fostering talent retention in a highly competitive market.​

    Moreover, clients appreciate the seamless experience of sharing their accounting data with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for repetitive requests and back-and-forth communication. This streamlined process strengthens client relationships, positioning GHJ as a tech-savvy and efficient partner.

    “The benefits of being able to get a lot of the information directly from the clients’ general ledger system has been huge for both the auditor and the client.”

    GHJ is able to offer a more efficient and rewarding work environment for their auditors in the battle for talent.

    Tangible outcomes

    • Simplicity: Reduced PBC request list by 40%, eliminating back-and-forth with clients.
    • Quality: Accurate, standardized data across all clients, eliminating inconsistencies.
    • Efficiencies: Over 8 hours saved per engagement, redistributing time to value-added tasks.
    • Talent Retention: Auditors focus on analyzing data and delivering insights, creating more rewarding roles.

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