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    5 actionable tips for choosing award-winning accounting tech

    Validis was named SaaS Provider of the Year at the International Accounting Forum and Awards – we’re obviously delighted at the recognition!

    But let’s move beyond the celebration and focus on what really matters – how you can leverage this insight to transform your audit processes.

    When selecting your audit tech, think like a judge. Below we have highlighted what made Validis stand out but also how you too can demand excellence across the same judging categories.

    1. Innovation & Uniqueness

    Our patented technology delivers fully standardized AR, AP, and GL data directly from accounting packages in minutes, driving the future of data-driven audits.

    Actionable Tip 1:

    Evaluate your current data collection methods. Are you still manually extracting data? Consider how automating this process could save time and reduce errors in your audit preparation

    2. Customer satisfaction

    We've earned a 5-star rating from users who praise our time-saving capabilities and improved decision-making support.

    Actionable Tip 2:

    Assess the satisfaction levels of your audit clients. Are they frustrated with lengthy data requests? Explore tools that can streamline this process and enhance their experience.

    3. Market Presence

    Trusted by over 100 global accounting firms, including 15 of the top 25.

    Actionable Tip 3:

    Research the tools used by industry leaders. What technologies are they adopting to stay ahead? Consider how these solutions could benefit your practice.

    4. Performance

    Our clients experience an average 400% ROI through significant productivity and efficiency gains.

    Actionable Tip 4:

    Calculate the time spent on data collection and preparation in your audit engagements. Identify areas where automation could significantly boost your efficiency and ROI.

    5. Integration

    Our cloud-based, API-driven platform seamlessly connects to nearly 30 of the most popular ERP systems and all major tech providers.

    Actionable Tip 5:

    Review your current tech stack. Are your tools working together efficiently? Look for solutions that can integrate create a more cohesive workflow. These systems are usually cloud-based and API-driven.


    This award validates what our clients already know: Validis is at the forefront of audit innovation. As the industry continues to evolve, staying ahead of technological advancements is crucial for audit professionals.

    We invite you to experience firsthand how our award-winning platform can transform your audit processes. Book a demo today to see how Validis can drive value for your firm and help you stay competitive in the rapidly changing world of auditing.

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