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    Grant Thornton case study

    70% time saved on manual tasks


    Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading audit, tax and advisory firms. With over 60,000 professionals in 150 countries.

    The challenge

    Grant Thornton’s audit team found that the process of formatting client data was painful and time consuming. General Ledger files were particularly messy and inconsistent, which was time consuming to rectify and too fractured to format. This added to the workload, impacting team morale.

    The solution

    By implementing Validis, financial data was made available on-demand and in a consistent format. This saved Grant Thornton up to 70% in time and crucially freed up time for auditors to focus on delivering a quality service.

    The processing of data analytics became smoother, saving the back and forth between the client and the team, especially on entities that have a large data set.


    Image of Zhong Ang

    “The time saved from processing and formatting the data can now be spent on other aspects of the Audit, saving time and headaches overall. Not only is there time saving because formatting is no longer required, but the data coming from the client can be trusted to all be at an exact point in time.”

    Zhong Ang, Senior Data Analyst, Grant Thornton

    75% saved on
    manual tasks


    Increased focus on
    audit quality


    Higher client

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