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    DataSnipper and Validis join forces to bring auditors cutting-edge technology

    DataSnipper and Validis join forces to bring auditors cutting-edge technology

    DataSnipper, the intelligent automation platform, joins forces with on-demand accounting data provider Validis providing auditors with a seamless end-to-end audit testing process.

    DataSnipper, when used with Validis, delivers one audit test workflow to drive significant audit quality and efficiency. Validis provides instant access to financial data provided by the ERP systems from an audit client. Validis structures the data into usable reports with the ability to extract the structured data as an Excel file. This Excel file then flows into DataSnipper and is used by the auditor to automatically match data with audit evidence, supporting a high-quality, easily reviewable audit trail.

    Mike Bowman, Commercial Director at Validis explains the significance of the partnership, “Both of these technologies are bringing about efficiencies auditors can’t ignore.” He further adds, “It is clear in the modern data ecosystem that bringing partners together who are best-in-class makes it easier for audit teams to transform their workflows.”

    Youssef Hounat, VP of Product at DataSnipper emphasized, “We are excited to see the efficiencies we can offer our mutual users increase through the announcement of the partnership between Validis and DataSnipper.”

    Audit teams globally are facing challenges retaining staff along with a greater emphasis on regulatory requirements for financial reporting accuracy. By implementing innovative technologies like DataSnipper and Validis, auditors can streamline workflows and deliver high-quality audit outputs. Embracing these technological advancements can allow audit teams to work efficiently providing a seamless and accurate audit process.

    About Validis

    Validis is a group of passionate data people on a mission to connect with customers – we get financial data. We work with auditors to help them connect to their customers’ accounting packages. With Validis auditors work smarter, saving over 8 hours per audit and benefiting from full AR/AP subledgers and full GL transaction details. Our customers unlock big efficiencies, save money, and get accurate insight from live, fully standardized, granular data. This powers faster and cheaper processes.

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    About DataSnipper

    DataSnipper is focused on transforming data in the audit and financial industry. Founded in 2017, DataSnipper provides audit and finance teams with an intelligent automation platform to drastically increase the quality and efficiency of audit and finance procedures. DataSnipper is used by over 500K audit and finance professionals in 125+ countries and serves all four of the largest global auditing firms: Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

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