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    Shield Compliance case study

    Client processing time reduced from hours to minutes


    Shield Compliance supports financial institutions to manage risk, comply with regulations, and satisfy operational demands associated with serving the legal cannabis market.

    The challenge

    To support their growing business Shield needed a financial data source for their banking clients that would repeatedly gather large amounts of detailed financials, analyze the information and provide insight and compliance to their clients.

    The solution

    Shield chose Validis, embedding via API directly into their initial workflow for go live. The workflow has been simplified and overheads controlled, to allow for efficient processing. At the same time delivering material enhancement to the business customers’ user experience.

    The directly integrated solution allows businesses to submit data in minutes with no need to prepare complex reports. This information is then automatically analyzed to give answers in real time.


    “With Validis we can validate the accuracy of sales activity and empower banks to use it across a range of activities. By partnering with Validis, we believe we are not only setting the pace, but mapping out the road ahead too.”

    Tony Repanich, CEO, Shield Compliance

    Client processing
    reduced from hours to minutes


    real time



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