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    Validis partners with FGI to deliver smarter credit decisions based on real-time data

    Validis partners with FGI to deliver smarter credit decisions based on real-time data

    James Hillier

    James Hillier

    Validis partners with FGI to deliver smarter credit decisions based on real-time data

    Validis is excited to announce a new partnership with FGI, a global leader in commercial finance. This collaboration will streamline the process of managing credit insurance and risk mitigation for businesses, whilst improving the overall customer experience.  

    Real-Time Data for Smarter Decisions

    Gone are the days of waiting for outdated financial information. Through this partnership, lenders using FGI’s T.R.U.S.T.™ platform will have access to real-time A/R data from businesses sharing their data through Validis. This real-time visibility into a business’s financial health empowers lenders to make smarter credit decisions and identify potential risks more quickly. Paul Bower, Director at FGI Technology commented that; 

    “Validis’ technology is an increasingly important component for Asset Based Lending (ABL) in the UK, making them a natural fit for FGI as a business.” 

    Validis Makes Data Sharing a Breeze

    One of the hurdles businesses face when applying for credit insurance is the complex data sharing process. Validis’ open accounting API eliminates this hurdle by providing a painless way for businesses to share their Accounts Receivable (A/R) data with lenders. Our standardized data structure ensures that lenders can quickly and easily understand the information they need to assess risk. 

    Improved Customer Experience

    Businesses looking to secure credit insurance and manage risk will benefit from a seamless experience thanks to Validis’ integration with FGI’s platform. Validis’ streamlined data sharing process eliminates the need for manual data entry, which saves businesses both time and resources. By providing lenders with real-time data, this partnership can help to expedite the credit approval process for businesses. James Hillier, Head of FS EMEA at Validis added;

    “FGI’s platform provides specialist and real-time access to Credit Risk and Insurance, and the team are experts in what they do. FGI understands the importance of access to quality data, so it was an ideal complement for our operation. Their geographical presence in Europe and the US also aligns with our own.”  

    A Win-Win for Businesses on Both Sides of the Atlantic

    This partnership between Validis and FGI is a win-win for businesses across the globe. With Validis’ streamlined data sharing and FGI’s credit risk management expertise, businesses will have access to the tools they need to secure the credit insurance and risk management solutions they need to thrive. 

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