Xero API

A simple, intelligent API connection to your client's Xero accounting software.

Validis has developed the most the most seamless connection to Xero available in the market today.

We connect users of Xero directly with their bank or accountant enabling swift, accurate financial services.

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Xero API

Xero allows business owners around the globe to do beautiful business, by giving them the insights to plan for their future. Our unique technology enables small businesses to connect at the click of a button to their Xero accounting package with their bank or accountant fast enabling swift and accurate financial services. Validis extracts securely and encrypted full financial data history directly from the Xero accounting package in a standardized format. Built by industry’s experts, Validis’ unique software pulls full transactional level information from the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable Ledger and Accounts Payable Ledger, directly from the accounting package via a smart and intelligent API. This allows for fast loan decision making and empowers audits and insights. 

We have removed painful and time-consuming manual processes such as the collection of financial data, the calculation of financial ratios and the assessment of risk. Direct extraction and synchronisation of accounting data from the source accounting package reduces the likelihood of human errors and can give you and your customers peace of mind. Validis’ unique technology enables you to receive accurate and up-to-date financial accounting data from your small business customers and monitor their key default indicators. Attract and retain small business customers by providing them with a seamless digital experience, that is fully white labelled, and connectivity they have come to expect. Validis’ integration with Xero will provide you with a faster, simpler and less expensive solution than building your integration in-house. You can conveniently consume your customer’s data fully formatted and standardised through our portal or through our smart and intelligent API.

Our approach is secure and efficient enabling business owners to carry on with what they do best and drive their business forward.

Further information  on supported Xero versions can be found here.

A step by step guide on how to connect with a Xero accounting package can be found here

How to use our Xero API

What is DataShare?

Validis DataShare is the World’s most intelligent accounting integration. Our software solution is used by the World’s leading financial institutions and accounting firms.

DataShare connects small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with the providers of financial services. We enable SMEs to share their full financial data history directly from their accounting package in a standardized format, speeding up loan decisions, powering audits and improving insight.

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