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    Webinar: Lending to support SMBs at pace

    Webinar: Lending to support SMBs at pace

    Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are a crucial component to any economy. There are over 34 million small businesses in North America, where relentless entrepreneurial spirit has seen some of them grow to become amongst the largest, most prevalent brands in the world.

    Smaller businesses are agile and can quickly respond to opportunity, but are also prone to being stung when crisis hits – such as a global pandemic. During these times, delivering lending and support at speed was crucial.

    As we adjust to a post-pandemic world, speed of delivery still matters to businesses. But at the same time, lenders  are increasingly focused on actively managing their portfolio risk, and are turning to data to help forecast and respond to change.

    Validis Head of Product Ronan O’Dea joined a discussion for FinTech Talents North America, looking at the role that technology and data have to play in the SMB/lender relationship and whether we have the right tools at hand.

    Watch the recording below.

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