Decoding the financial DNA of small business

The Power of DataShare API

DataShare is a secure data pipe that serves up your client's financials in real-time, standardized for easy consumption.

Rapidly access standardized client financials to improve your decision making and analysis.

DataShare enables small and medium enterprises to (SMEs) to share their full financial data history directly from their accounting package in a standardized format, speeding up loan decisions, powering audits and improving insight. 

Our revolutionary technology removes the pain of manually processes such as collecting financial information, calculating financial ratios and conducting risk assessment.

loan origination process

Why use DataShare?

We extract, analyze and normalize the data then create clear, standardized reports in minutes.

Client testimonials

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the journey for our loan clients while making significant time savings and driving efficiencies for the bank. Integrating the Validis solution supports our digital agenda and increases the service we can provide to our customers with rapid decisioning and deeper insights."

- Jonathan Holman - Director of Transformation, Santander UK

Solution Features

Validis DataShare

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