Credit Risk Management

Access your customers’ financial data digitally, to Help you manage your credit risk
exposure more effectively, improve loan application experience and significantly
reduce the time to provide your customer with a lending decision.

We help Lenders manage their credit risk more effectively by digitally streamlining the collection
and interpretation of their clients’ accounting data. Credit risk teams use our services to make faster, more
informed decisions.

Credit risk management
Real Time

Validis allows you to pull real time financials.
Giving you a picture of the company’s liquidity and cash position as of today. Once a firm becomes a client this can be set up to pull new financials on a schedule so every quarter without effort by you or the borrower your data is refreshed and you keep across their performance and conformity to covenants.
Refresh financials on a schedule set by you and be proactive in taking action such as:

– Complete your customers annual reviews without eating up your team or your clients time

– Monitor on a periodic basis to meet the needs of your business, allowing you to identify key risk factors such as continued decline in sales, aged debt or significant increase in costs

– Consider dynamically amending your Limit setting strategies based on key information contained within their management accounts

– Perform real-time spend analysis & Analytics to help your customers improve their operational performance, resulting in more efficient businesses and better control of risk for you

– Monitor key indicators for signs of pre-delinquency or early warning signs of issues.


Validis maps all accounting data from the clients accounting package in to a standardized chart of accounts; meaning that every customer’s data will be in the correct format for your underwriters, relationship managers, analysts & decision makers. We build all the key, insightful financial reports and ratios for you and ensure they are consistently formatted, dramatically improving your speed of review and porting the data directly into your credit decisioning system. This also affords you the ability to review accounts at both customer and at portfolio level to ensure you understand the portfolio risks, issues and opportunities and avoid concentration risk.

Secure and Efficient

Validis encrypts the data providing a more secure way to communicate. Validis does all the preparation and heavy lifting for you and your client, commonly shortening time to decision and improving customer experience, whilst giving you confidence in the process, data accuracy, and risk profile; Our company enables you to make more decisions quickly, in line with your risk appetite

Why use DataShare for Credit Risk Management?

Transform your credit risk exposure for increased returns. Detailed financial data combined with our industry leading insights dashboard powers your risk processes and offers invaluable insight into the financial management of your client. At the same time supporting dynamic risk based pricing informed by full financials; enabling you to better manage risk as you on board new clients and grow revenue. Flag Fraud at the on-boarding stage and continue to monitor the health of the business on-going; easily verifying whether or not they’re operating in line with agreed covenants.
Validis reduces risk of misrepresentation of companies financial position and supports scalability of increasing level and frequency of customer due diligence i.e. from annual to quarterly to monthly.

Reduce Time to Decision

Drastically reduce the “time to decision” by obtaining financial information standardized within minutes. Lenders are leveraging technology from Validis to simplify the journey for the customer, while seeing a reduction in end to end application time, improvement in risk management and operational efficiency.
Receive the data in a standardized format no matter the entity type, size or source accounting package, allowing you to:

– Interpret the SMEs health at a glance

– Access all key financial ratios to support the credit application

– Increase success in your loan application approval rate by accessing real time and detailed financial information

– Measure risk consistently across your broader customer portfolio.

Enhance the Client’s experience

Your clients benefit from a slick, digital journey that provides quicker decisions and quicker time to decision as well as insights about their business they might not have known. Connecting directly to a borrowers accounting system reduces the need for applicants to spend valuable time consolidating data, creating & exporting reports across multiple years and emailing/faxing/uploading to decision makers. All of this dramatically reduces the time spent on admin, delivering proven improvements in end customer satisfaction scores combined leading to increased loyalty and retention and in the long term.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Your relationship managers, underwriters and credit teams spend less time on creating reports; Validis Datashare automates the creation of valuable insight enabling your teams to spend more time with their customers holding value driven conversations, deepening relationships and helping business grow and expand in line with their needs. Our case studies show over 30% saving in underwriters time during the decision making process across Invoice Finance and Loan originations.

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