Credit Risk Management

Transform your credit risk exposure for increased returns

Exploit real-time client financials to manage your credit risk exposure more effectively

We help Lenders manage their credit risk more effectively by digitally streamlining the collection and interpretation of their clients’ accounting data. Credit risk teams use our services to make faster, more informed decisions.

Credit risk management

Real Time
Validis allows you to pull real time financials. Giving you a picture of the company’s liquidity and cash position as of today. Once a firm becomes a client this can be set up to pull new financials on a schedule so every quarter without effort by your or the borrower your data is refreshed and you keep across their performance and conformity to covenants.

Validis maps all the clients data from their accounting system to a standardized chart of accounts. We build all the financial reports and ratios for you and ensure they are consistently formatted speeding your review and porting the data directly into your credit decisioning system.

Secure and Efficient
Validis encrypts the data providing a more secure way to communicate. Validis does all the preparation and heavy lifting for you and your client commonly shortening time to cash by 65%.

Why use DataShare for Credit Risk Management?

Transform your credit risk exposure for increased returns

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