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    Customer consent journey

    Your customers’ first engagement with Validis is likely to be when they consent us access to their accounting package. This all happens with a simple white-labelled email with a link to begin the connection process.

    We work with our clients, building a robust and comprehensive customer journey so nothing will come as a surprise when it’s time for the consent journey to begin – this is crucial to help build and maintain trust.

    What does it look like?

    The consent journey is straight forward and quick. It looks broadly the same across each use case of Validis technology, whether you’re in the audit or lending space, and between each accounting package.

    The time it takes to complete the journey is mostly governed by the amount of data that’s being extracted from the accounting package. Whether it takes seconds or minutes, your customer can leave the process to do its thing in the background.

    What are the steps?

    The steps for the Validis customer consent journey are shown in the video below, but to summarise:

    1. The customer receives an email from their lender, asset manager or accountancy firm to request access to their accounting package via a link.
    2. The customer is led to a landing page where they’re prompted to create an account and accept the individually tailored terms of use.
    3. Now they see their dashboard, where they upload their data. The system then gives them an option to choose their accounting package, the company
    4. they want to report from and the chart of accounts they want to use.
    5. The data upload begins, sending an email notification to both parties when complete.

    This video shows the process in action from the use case of a bank’s customer using the Sage 50 accounting package.


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