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    Validis and the BDO Alliance

    Validis can power your audit process and drive huge efficiencies with on-demand fully standardized accounting data

    As a Products & Services Provider for the BDO Alliance USA, BDO Alliance members can offer exclusive discounts and free content.

    With Validis you can…

    Save +8 hours per audit Auditors that use Validis benefit from big time savings by eliminating manual gathering and input of data.

    Access full GL, A/R and A/P subledgers Get access to all the accounting data you need. Fully standardized.

    Provide a leading client experience Engage your clients in a streamlined journey that saves time and reduce your PBC activities by up to 60%.

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    Learn more about how auditors use the Validis platform to streamline their approach, drive efficiencies and glean insights, to deliver high-quality, thorough audits.

    Learn from industry leaders who use Validis

    We spoke to some of our clients to learn how using Validis impacted their audit practice and how technology plays a role in shaping the future of audit.

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    Auditors work smarter with Validis, delivering more engagements in less time and report upwards of 8 hours in time saving per engagement, from a 60% reduction in PBC tasks.

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