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Next generation auto-spreading solution for Lenders

Streamline the origination process with Validis and Bakerhill

Baker Hill empowers financial institutions to work smarter, reduce risk and drive more profitable relationships. The company delivers a single unified platform with modern solutions to solve CECL calculations and streamline loan origination and portfolio risk management for commercial, small business and consumer lending. The Baker Hill NextGen® platform also delivers sophisticated analytics and marketing solutions that support sound business decisions to mitigate risk, generate growth and maximize profitability. Baker Hill is the expert solution for loan origination, portfolio risk and relationship management, CECL compliance and analytics for financial institutions in the United States.

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The Partnership

Through this partnership, Validis’ world-leading financial data sharing and standardization technology platform, DataShare, integrates with Baker Hill NextGen. The combination of Validis Datatshare and Baker Hill’s NextGen statement spreading analysis software offers an industry first, a fully automated workflow accessing, spreading and analyzing borrower’s financial statements.   

By integrating these two platforms, financial institutions will now have access to a superior, automated statement spreading solution that offers unprecedented insight into the commercial lending underwriting process. This revolutionary combination will not only offer financial institutions greater efficiency and consistency to make sound credit decisions, but it will also streamline the collection of financials from business customers and provide a better experience.

How it works

The bank manages the borrower engagement from within the Next Gen platform. Using Validis technology borrowers are invited to submit their financial statements directly from Next Gen. Once the borrower uploads their financial statements they populate the spreads automatically, eliminating hours of data entry and error prone manual analysis.

Eliminating the data entry and inevitable review of inputs allows the banker to get to the next stage of the process immediately, that being analysis and ultimately progressing to decision. The automatically spread figures are reconciled against the full suite of financial statements deposited for the bankers review by the Validis platform.

Solution Benefits

Automate your spreading with digitally embedded financial statement reporting

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This relationship is an exciting venture for us and we look forward to the value it will provide the entire industry.

– – John M. Deignan, President and CEO of Baker Hill

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