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    ATA ushers in the era of the smarter, data-driven audit with Validis

    Access to standardized accounting data in minutes, rather than days or weeks, allowed ATA to revolutionize their audit process. Their partnership with Validis has ushered in a new era of auditing, where data-driven insights and value-adding analysis take center stage.


    reduction in time to audit-ready data


    from kick-off to first data upload


    customer support rating

    “Validis empowered ATA to shift from a checklist-driven approach to a truly risk-based methodology, enabling our auditors to prioritize high-risk areas and deliver more targeted, value-adding audits.”

    Lori Warden​ - Assurance Practice Leader​

    The Goal

    ATA recognized the need to transform their risk assessment approach and sought innovative tools to enhance their auditors' capabilities.

    The Idea

    Leverage Validis’ powerful data extraction and standardization capabilities to eliminate manual data entry and collection tasks, allowing the team to focus on value-add tasks.

    The impact we made

    Choosing to work with Validis was an easy decision to make

    ATA is a BDO Alliance member and market leading Audit firm with a diverse range of clients. They are no strangers to embracing new technologies, and so were ready for change and wanted to move fast to roll-out Validis. From kick-off call to the first data upload it took less than two weeks. “It was almost a little too easy to implement,” remarked one auditor, highlighting the seamless integration of Validis into their workflow. ​

    “Seeing people use Validis makes me proud to know how much time they’ve saved.”

    Adoption is often a significant challenge when implementing a new process. Fortunately, ATA had recently hired an auditor who had previously used and recommended Validis, providing them with an internal champion to drive usage. Working closely together ATA achieved a seamless transition to a smarter, more efficient auditing process, fueled by instant access to standardized data through Validis.

    “The big AHA moment for me was seeing the Validis dashboard. For the first time, I could see the whole business in seconds”

    However, the true impact of Validis became evident during the auditing process itself. Auditors were able to quickly and easily identify actionable insights and anomalies that needed further investigation. Ultimately making sampling and client conversations more strategic.

    “If you’re starting down the path of a data-driven audit and AI, access to the right data is imperative. As such Validis has to be the first step in your journey.”

    ATA’s partnership with Validis has ushered in a new era of auditing, where data-driven insights and value-adding analysis take center stage.

    Tangible outcomes

    • Simplicity of implementation: With minimal disruption, ATA seamlessly integrated Validis into their auditing processes.
    • Quality of data: Validis provided ATA with complete, audit-ready client data sets, eliminating the need for manual data collection and ensuring accuracy.
    • Efficiencies gained: By automating data extraction and standardization, ATA auditors could reallocate their time to high-value tasks, driving greater efficiency and productivity.
    • Exceptional customer support: Validis’ dedicated team ensured a smooth implementation and ongoing support, earning a 5/5 rating from ATA.

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