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    Teaming up with Suralink to unleash the power of the data-driven audit

    Teaming up with Suralink to unleash the power of the data-driven audit

    Mike Bowman, Commercial Director - Accounting

    Mike Bowman, Commercial Director - Accounting

    The accounting technology landscape has exploded over the last few years. Type audit software into Google and you get over 470m results!  

    On the positive, this has empowered accountants to be more efficient, effective and focus on delivering even more advisory value-add. However, this has also created challenges, with fragmented solutions and disrupted workflows. We even see a cottage industry of manual work-arounds and tools to connect the disparate solutions. 

    If, we as vendors, want to help the accounting industry, we need to consider how the pieces fit together. We believe Accounting firms shouldn’t be restricted in selecting the best technology for their business because of disjointed experiences. 

    At Validis, we have been working with a group of like-minded vendors to start to reduce the friction. We believe a connected ecosystem will save you time, money and provided a better employee and customer experience. 


    Validis and Suralink – Greater than the sum of its parts

    Innovation happens when data flows freely between systems. By combining Validis’ direct integrations to accounting software with Suralink’s secure client collaboration platform we’ve turbo-charged the efficiencies each platform delivers.  

    By automatically connecting financial data acquisition directly into your secure client management PBC portal audits are now based on a single source of truth, flowing through connected systems. It’s easy to imagine the improvements that this would bring to your clients user journey and your teams efficiency gains.  

     40% of the work involved in an average PBC request is now automated. That’s a significant time saving for auditors and clients.


    A bit more about Suralink

    Suralink is the leading client interaction platform for professional services firms and is currently used by over 500,000 businesses worldwide.  

    In accounting, the platform offers a single secure and efficient platform for firms to collaborate with clients, exchange documents at scale and track the progress of engagements.

    Benefits for you and your clients

    • Improved client experience and trust – requesting is easier, simpler, and secure, taking just minutes to complete. In addition, the Validis Platform will grab the correct data so no more back and forth saving even more time on both sides. 
    • Increased auditor productivity and improved employee experience – with financial data automatically available in Suralink, auditors’ can save upwards of eight hours per audit. Their expertise is freed up from manual data entry and manipulation to focus on the client engagement. 
    • Boosted productivity and audit accuracy – automated financial data via Validis vastly reduces the risk of human error when completing audits.  

    Want to sign up? 

    As we build this partnership, we are selecting firms to be on the early adopter/MVP program. Let us know if you’d be interested by either contacting your account manager or filling in your details at the link below.

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