Auto-Statement Spreading

Visualise your clients financials instantly in the lending systems you use every day

Digitally extract and auto-spread your clients' financial statements to accelerate the lending journey

Drive significant efficiencies and a simpler customer journey by collecting and visualising your clients’ financial data with Validis.

Our technology rapidly extracts financials from all the leading SMB accounting packages,  auto-calculates key financial ratios and pre-populates your lending software so your team have all the data they need to make faster, smarter decisions.


Credit risk management

Deploying Validis’s platform Datashare allows lenders to digitize the commercial lending journey. The benefits this bring are: reduction in time to cash of 65%; drastic reduction in workload of underwriting (25% time savings are common); a much improved client experience; access to data that can deliver real client insight (drive upsell opportunities and be able to make tailored offerings for each customer; at a lower level of risk with real time financials); offer real value back to your clients by giving them valuable management information on their business or cash flow forecasting to predict future credit requirements. Validis allows you to remove data entry, gather fuller complete real time financials in minutes and automate the refreshing of this data for quarterly or annual covenant reviews

Why use DataShare for automatic statement spreading?

Validis DataShare

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