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Leverage our intelligent data pipe to revolutionize your audit or lending process.

Implementing a digital journey to collect, format and interpret your client’s financials can deliver real digitization leading to automated consumption and analysis of data.

DataShare, from Validis, is an intelligent platform that integrates with over 100 versions of cloud and on-premise accounting packages. It delivers unparalleled accounting connectivity, flexible platform deployment and instant audit or credit intelligence. DataShare will securely and efficiently extract full financial data from your client’s accounting package in real time and build the key financial reports and ratios for you.

Validis DataShare is a software solution used by many firms to move commercial clients to a truly digital relationship. Datashare’s digital process streamlines your clients’ experience while delivering material efficiencies and quality improvements to the audit and credit decisioning function.

Validis commonly delivers an improvement in time to cash of circa 65% when Validis is used to drive credit decisions. Auditors normally deliver a 20%+ efficiency gain in delivering a mid market audit while markedly improving quality by testing 100% of transactions.

Validis can be implemented in hours as a white labelled function of your normal client engagement.

Next generation accounting data technology to power small business services

Instantly access and interpret up-to-date financials for your business customers

Client testimonials

We are excited to launch our partnership with Validis, as we have been constantly engaging with out customers since our launch, and in response to their feedback, this partnership will further improve and refine the process of uploading financial information. We are committed to looking for ways to continue to enhance the customer experience both through our own developments and by working with our partners."

- Richard Kerton - CEO of ESME Loans

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