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Validis Auto Spreading, integrates Validis’ best of breed data extraction and standardization software directly into nCino’s loan origination system in order to rapidly accelerate the lending process and offer quicker “time to cash” for business clients.

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Transforming Financial Services

More than 1,100 financial institutions around the world are using nCino’s Bank Operating System to digitize processes and solve critical business challenges, all while enhancing the customer experience through speed and convenience. Designed by and for bankers, nCino offers a single end-to-end digital banking platform that is flexible, scalable, helping to reduce costs by improving employee efficiency and productivity across the client onboarding process, including both loans and deposits, while enhancing the customer experience and ensuring regulatory compliance.

The integration of Validis’s Datashare platform will further enhance the customer experience by digitalizing the collection of client financials and feeding them directly into nCino’s Spreading solution. Furthermore, it will drive greater efficiencies within the lenders process. Any loan officer or relationship manager will tell you that chasing customers and prospects for paperwork or missing documents are a time consuming part of their job. Validis helps to eliminate much of this back and forth by enabling borrowers to connect their accounting package and directly upload their full general ledgers, eliminating much of the manual time consuming work typically seen with collecting financials and spreading the numbers. Together the two solutions further the nCino mission of transforming financial services through innovation, reputation and speed.

The turn-key integration is designed to be deployed with minimal to no technical resources, just a simple mapping exercise of what data is required for the lender’s spreads.

 Once mapped the data flows directly from the customers accounting package directly to the lender and populates nCino spreads with the information required to asses the risk and make a credit decision. In addition to populating the spreads, the Financial statements are uploaded to nCino DocMan providing the supporting documentation needed for credit memos and regulatory requirements.

Ultimately this joined solution will enable lenders to rapidly accelerate the lending process and offer quicker “time to cash” for business clients and improve the overall origination and annual review process leading to a simpler, easier and better client experience.

The Validis / nCino integration

Validis nCino integration map

Solution Benefits

Digitally embedded financial statement reporting

Client testimonials
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"The Validis – nCino integrated solution makes important progress towards our vision with respect to the collection and spreading of management financials."

- Warren Brown, Head of Emerging Technologies at Northern Bank

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