Unlock the value of your loan data with smarter insights.

Plug-in to our portfolio and covenant monitoring solutions. Maximise performance.

Validis not only helps check your incoming applications and streamline onboarding, it continues the monitoring process on your loan portfolio, including covenants. We deliver real-time, early-warning updates to spot risk sooner.

Our API-powered data acquisition solution helps financial institutions unlock the value of their business customers’ financial data, powering analytics, risk and customer management strategies from an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard.

We’re on a mission to transform the way risk is managed and monitored through on-demand financial data. Think of us as your one-stop data and insights hub that fits neatly into your lending infrastructure.

Validis monitoring dashboard


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Increase credit risk control with early warnings so you can act early

Reduce credit losses with continuous visibility of transaction-level data

Identify trends and cycles to support cashflow and profitability forecasts

Receive supporting documentation with covenants through a secure portal

The application

Validis monitoring dashboards


Monitor covenants from any lending product in
invoice & asset finance, factoring, general lending and more. Also applicable to ESG monitoring.


Set granular, individual rules at customer level as
well as against current and historic data. Access
dynamic KRIs and historic overviews.

Early warnings

Flag and report breaches to different teams. Set automations and proactively respond to early warnings.

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