MarketInvoice Integrates with Validis Technology

MarketInvoice Integrates with Validis on Confidential Invoice Finance Discounting Solution

MarketInvoice and Validis joined forces to provide an end-to-end invoice finance solution to one of the biggest pain points facing the UK SME market today – cashflow management. Unpaid invoices can cause huge cashflow issues for UK SMEs, and research shows businesses can waste over 100 hours a year following up on these outstanding payments. MarketInvoice’s Confidential Invoice Discounting Solution (formerly MarketInvoice Pro) is the business invoice finance company’s tool that offers SMEs regular funding against these unpaid invoices, so they can take charge of their cashflow and not let a lack of funding stand in the way of growth.

How the Integration Works

MarketInvoice uses one of Validis’ unique DataShare APIs, enabling a secure, high-speed connection between the lending platform and the most utilized, offline and online SME accounting packages. This connection, powered by Validis, enables an SME to quickly and easily submit all the necessary financial information directly from their sales ledger to MarketInvoice with the touch of a button, instead of spending time manually compiling their accounting information and sending over paper invoices in order to apply for funding. For SMEs that require continuous funding, streamlining this process results in significant time and cost savings.

“The Confidential Invoice Discounting Solution integrates with all of the most popular accounting packages such as XeroSage and QuickBooks, taking away the burden of manually uploading documents every month.” – MarketInvoice Customer

“We pride ourselves in supporting businesses to quickly and easily solve cashflow issues. Speed is at the essence of this support. Being able to quickly access financial statements then intelligently assessing risk and, critically, getting the funding out the door. Validis is central to driving this process as it seamlessly connects businesses with our platform. It effectively helps to relieve the admin burden for businesses and increases our efficiencies. The integration has allowed us to become industry leaders in invoice finance and help more and more businesses grow.”  – Stephanie Le Geyt, Senior Product Manager at MarketInvoice

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