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    Lendscape and Validis forge data partnership

    New strategic technology partnership to deliver greater efficiencies for finance providers and accelerate access to working capital for SMEs.

    Lendscape, one of the world’s leading technology provider for all forms of secured finance, and Validis, the financial data API, have entered a strategic partnership to accelerate digitalisation and innovation in the business finance market.

    Designed to be a secure, flexible solution that streamlines lending processes, Lendscape supports a wide range of working capital and asset finance solutions. Validis simplifies the process of extracting and standardizing financial data from small to medium-sized enterprises’ accounting packages.


    With the new partnership, Validis’ on-demand business financial data has been integrated to enrich Lendscape’s Open Accounting solution, allowing finance providers access to a broader suite of standardised datasets on-demand to better understand their business customers – enhancing decision making, improving monitoring capabilities and streamlining customer journeys. Resulting in overall substantial improvements in operational efficiency and cost to serve for finance providers.

    “We are excited to enter into this collaboration with Validis and add a world-class, innovative technology partner to the Lendscape ecosystem,” said Kevin Day, CEO at Lendscape. “At Lendscape, we’re focused on helping our clients, and the working capital finance industry worldwide, to enhance digitalization and simplification of receivables finance. The collaboration with Validis enhances connectivity to support these digitalization efforts, reducing administrative burdens, enabling better customer experiences, and exploring new avenues for growth and development for financial institutions.”

    “We are extremely proud to be working with Kevin and the team at Lendscape, a highly reputable and established business with a successful track record in the market,” said Andrew Sanaghan, COO & Head of Financial Services at Validis. “By joining forces, Validis aims to provide the market with on-demand financial data through a seamless, single experience. We firmly believe that plugging into the broader ecosystem is the way forward making it possible to deliver what the market needs and revolutionising the future of business lending.

    “As the market continues to change it’s vital that technology providers work together. Lendscape and Validis share some of the same client base and with us connecting the dots, we’re providing a complete solution with one data flow.”



    About Lendscape

    Lendscape is the world’s leading technology provider for all forms of secured finance.

    With over 45 years of experience and in-depth industry understanding, our dynamic team has designed, developed, and delivered secured lending technology to over 50 markets and some of the worlds’ most prestigious banking and financial services providers.

    Lendscape supports a range of working capital and asset finance solutions such as factoring, invoice discounting, supply chain finance, asset-based lending as well as asset finance and many other forms of specialist finance.

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    About Validis

    Validis are a global technology provider, trusted by some of the largest financial institutions to enable digital access to their business customers financial data. Our unrivalled data-quality and simple customer journey is powering the future of  data driven propositions and driving the new age of business finance.

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