K2 Enterprises Recognizes Validis DataShare with Top Audit Technology Award

Austin, TX – October 28, 2020 – Valdis, the world’s leading provider of accounting data ingestion technology was recognized today as this year’s winner of K2 Enterprises Top Technology Award.  K2E annually acknowledges those organizations which are focused on game changing technologies in the accounting profession and Validis is proud to be selected as this year’s recipient.

“Winning this award is a testament to our team’s hard work in creating new and innovative ways of streamlining processes within the audit practice,” said Jeff Gramlich, head of Global Accounting Sales for Validis, LLC.  “As we now serve each of the Big 4 and many of the top 100 firms along with numerous firms in Canada and the UK, K2’s recognition of DataShare and its unique capabilities of standardizing transactional level data is a tremendous honor”

Randy Johnston, Vice President of K2 Enterprises said “The creators of technology solutions like Validis continue to step up their game. The pace of innovation is accelerating.”

Validis DataShare, along with its partnership with Valid8 technologies, is first to market in providing a true, data extraction platform that helps auditors quickly and easily review a client’s financial position.  Valid8 further augments this automation by using 3rd party evidence to verify all revenue and expenses.  It is for these advancements that Validis was selected as this year’s honoree.

For more information, please visit www.valids.com