Invoice Finance Experts choose Validis to power audits

SK Audits & Consultancy has integrated Validis technology to streamline its practice in invoice finance. With over 20 years’ experience in the sector, founder Steve Kilby’s company offers consultancy and brokerage services to businesses, and well as auditing existing operations.

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Steve approached Validis to power the data gathering and standardisation processes that forms the initial stages of auditing client. By leveraging Validis, audit preparation time reduced by 70%, freeing time to focus on serving small businesses and maximising capacity to serve a larger client base.

“As we continue to grow, it’s crucial to find the right partners that will support us on our journey.” Steve said.

“Validis really stood out for us with their market-leading technology and the way the team engaged us made it easy to choose them. We now have the technology that will completely transform how we work with our customers to provide them with the right solutions. This capability is going to unlock significant value across our business.”

Andrew Sanaghan, COO & Head of Financial services at Validis said:

“We’re delighted to power an exciting project like this. Steve has a wealth of industry knowledge and knows exactly what he wants from a technology partner. It’s fantastic to see our data applied in this way and the benefits this brings to SME businesses.”

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Key Stats

⏰ 70% time saving

📊 100 trackable financial metrics

⚙️ 1 API

🧑‍💻 1 user interface