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    Supercharge your audit with Validis

    GHJ has partnered with Validis to help streamline your audits.

    We’re confident in how Validis can transform your audit and it’s right here for the taking!

    How it works

    Extract In one click, upload data from your clients’ accounting package to Validis.

    Standardize Transaction-level data is standardised in minutes, including GL, A/R and A/P subledgers.

    Analyze Engage your clients in a streamlined journey that saves time and reduce your PBC activities by up to 60%.

    Validis is easy to implement and the benefits it brings to hard working auditors really speak for themselves:

    ⏱️ +8 hours saved per engagement
    🏃‍♂️ 90 seconds: average time to complete an upload
    👍 97% adoption rate from clients

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    Challenge the status quo and engage your clients using Validis.

    Improve everyone’s audit experience and boost your efficiency like never before.

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