The Data-Enabled Lender

Get your copy of this exclusive white paper and find out how you can improve your SMB lending efficiency by 80%.

For decades, lenders have based small business lending decisions on outdated data points such as FICO scores or tax returns.  Even worse, that data is skewed and often inconsistent with the health and viability of the business.

This white paper offers insights on how financial institutions can transform their SMB lending processes. Explore how outdated SMB borrower data leads to inefficient processes and puts the lender at greater risk.  Discover ways to drive efficiency, minimize risk, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your SMB clients.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The threats and opportunities related to the use of incomplete information that impacts operations, employees, customers, products and services, and virtually every aspect of lending to small businesses.
  • Ways to drive fast financial transparency and become a true services provider to borrowers.
  • How to quickly access complete, current, high quality borrower data and gain a competitive advantage.
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