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    BDO partners with Validis to strengthen audit services in Canada

    BDO partners with Validis to strengthen audit services in Canada

    Leading audit firm BDO announces a new partnership with Validis to enhance their audit services for thousands of Canadian businesses, through leading open accounting data capabilities.

    Global fintech Validis supports a wide range of large banks, lenders and top audit firms who use its platform to instantly access standardized business data from major accounting packages. BDO Canada is the latest audit firm to select Validis as an embedded solution to access real-time management accounts from their growing client base.

    Using the third-party software provided by Validis will help BDO’s audit practice to boost audit quality and become more efficient by improving the accuracy and timeliness of accessing financial information—including standardized general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable accounting data.

    “We are pleased to partner with Validis on this exciting opportunity, which will help move BDO further along its digital journey,” says Paul Vetrone, BDO’s Audit Transformation and Innovation Director. “Validis will plug into BDO’s existing digital technology suite to drive a high-quality audit experience, with greater insights made available to our advisors and clients.”

    Jeff Gramlich, Managing Director, Accounting at Validis said, “We’re delighted to be supporting BDO on its continued journey of audit innovation and growth in Canada. Our leading API solution will provide their audit teams with secure, consent-driven connectivity to their clients’ accounting data, and standardized from a range of packages—a task that has traditionally been very manual and time-intensive. Our software saves hours of effort for both the audit team and client’s finance team, helping reduce the total audit time by days. Following the events of the last two years, businesses and audit teams now have a higher expectation and need to interact remotely. We’re excited to be working with BDO Canada to help them leverage deeper insights and support their clients with improved digital capabilities.”

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