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    Achieving growth of SMB lending

    Achieving growth of SMB lending

    Achieving growth of SMB lending

    The commercial loan market is becoming increasingly competitive. Lenders are battling it out to strengthen their expertise and increase the size of their credit portfolios, while maintaining risk standards. Currently, a positive economic outlook is helping boost total business lending and in particular the need for working capital solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

    Lenders are increasingly looking to digitize their activities and automate risk related decisions in order to improve the credit customer journey, differentiate themselves from their competition, and protect themselves against future downturns while growing their bottom line. For their customers this means faster “time to decision” and more critically, “time to cash”, when applying for credit.

    In our latest paper we explore the type of data assets available and used for SMB lending, the value that digitization brings to lenders and the key challenges they face on the digitization journey.

    We will provide a particular focus on granular Management Account data, which is a largely underused, but extremely effective, source of insight for SMB lending.

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