AccountScore & Validis

Rapidly accelerate your commercial decisions

Combine SME accounting and Open Banking data to drive lending clarity

Our solution can be taken as a standalone product or combined within an integrated dashboard to help you gain clarity, build opportunity and manage risks in your SME portfolio.

It combines AccountScore’s custom built and market leading transaction categorisation engine with the award-winning Validis accounting data extraction and standardisation platform – giving you unparalled insight and information on your SME community.

Accountscore integrate Validis

How it works

Small businesses can now share their financial data at the click of a button through a single, consent-driven workflow and their banks can visualise that data through a single, insight-fuelled interface as part of financial processes such as loan origination.

The partnership between AccountScore and Validis enables the aggregation of bank transaction data, public business and credit information and management account data (from business accounting packages) and means financial institutions can now tailor banking services to specific businesses and make faster, more informed decisions as they have all the data they need in one place. The complimentary nature of these datasets, such as the ability to use management account data to verify bank transaction data, adds a layer of value to financial institutions processes that hasn’t been available previously.

Solution Benefits

Client testimonials
future of SME Lending

"Our unique relationship with Validis ensures we can visualise all the financial data required to help these institutions tailor their services, make the right decisions, and identify insights that they could not previously."

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