Accomplishing Digital Transformation Whitepaper

Over the last few years the commercial lending industry has undergone considerable change. Low interest rates and a calmer financial climate have ensured plentiful opportunities for both lenders and the businesses they support to grow.

At the center of all this change are SMEs. Previously overlooked, SMEs are now considered an important factor of the US economy and have become a key focus of the lending market. There are many new lenders who have entered the market, and many traditional players are reviewing their business models.  The ability to access a SME’s accurate, complete, and current accounting data helps traditional financial institutions compete with alternative lenders.  Download our latest whitepaper to learn more.

After reading our whitepaper, you will have a deeper understanding to questions such as:

•What can accounting data reveal about a small business’ credit worthiness?
•How can accounting data help financial institutions provide a truly personalized service?
•What are some ways accounting data benefits both the lender and their customers?

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